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All You Need To Pack

July 07, 2015

Halfmoon - All You Need To Pack

Finding serenity on-the-go can be exactly what you need to stay relaxed on your vacation. Here are three multi-purpose items that will help you keep up your yoga/meditation practice no matter where adventures take you.

The Travel Mat - This lightweight mat folds up small. It can fit in the same space as a laptop and is just the inspiration you need to bust out a triangle pose in any terrain. Laptop vs yoga mat? Unplug and go yoga mat all the way.
mat_sweep_travel_green copy
The Cotton Yoga Blanket- This blanket has you covered. It’s cushion for your knees in a lunge, it keeps you warm during a windy Savasana and it happens to be absolutely perfect for picnics. The India Cotton Yoga Blanket washes beautifully and is the ultimate “take me anywhere” yoga prop. What can’t this yoga blanket do?
The Om Zafu- This buckwheat sitting cushion is our smallest Zafu making it perfect for on-the-go comfort in both mediation and yoga. The Om Zafu can also double as a buckwheat sleeping pillow and is the ultimate travel accompaniment for anyone looking for a little more zen (or a few extra z’s).

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