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Crystal Healing 101 with Mara Branscombe

December 06, 2019

Crystal Healing 101 with Mara Branscombe

Historically, cultures all over the world have used crystals as a source of healing, clearing energy, and transforming both physical and spiritual states. Recently, there has been a resurgence of crystal healing and a growing movement of people discovering how crystals can positively enhance wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

Even though you cannot necessarily see or even feel it, the cells inside your body and the energy of crystals contain their own unique vibrations and energy. Imagine how a magnet works, it repels and attracts energy, and this is also how it is thought that healing crystals work. 

When you hold a crystal in your hand, or place it over an area in your body, you respond in a way that you may or may not feel. Crystals contain the mineral silicon dioxide and so do our human bodies, therefore we are naturally receptive to the vibration of these stone’s healing power. The results can be anything from relaxing the nervous system, to energizing the whole body and clearing out negative energy — all depending on the alchemy of the crystal.

How Do You Work With Crystals?

There are so many ways in which I use crystals to heal, harmonize and generate positive energy in my life. I invite you to use them in whichever way serves you best. Here are some of my favourites:

- Wearing crystals 
- Placing crystals on specific body parts
- Place them on my altar, in my home, office, etc.
- Hold crystals while meditating
- Putting crystals under my pillow while sleeping

Some Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Rose Quartz: Known as the love stone — it’s pink colour is associated with the heart and unconditional love towards self, others, and the world. It can support your rising self esteem, while balancing your heart chakra and it is known to soothe heart aches. It’s healing properties include: improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, releasing tension, and deep emotional healing.

Clear Quartz: Known as the spirit stone and the master healer — it’s physical qualities increase the flow of energy in the body. Clear quartz increases perception, awareness, and stimulates both brain and immune systems. It is also known to be a conduit to expand consciousness and prayers from the spirit world to the physical world. 

Amethyst: Known as the manifestation stone — it’s stunning purple shimmer is associated with calming the nervous system, balancing hormones, relieving headaches and getting a good night’s sleep. Place amethyst under your pillow to rest deeply, and awaken ready to create and manifest your life.

Tiger’s Eye: Known as the shapeshifter — this stone holds the essence of courage and motivation. Tiger’s Eye can support the shift of fear or toxic thinking into self confidence and courage. It can also support your mental capacity and allow you to stay truly focused on your passion in life. 

Jade: Known as the lucky charm stone - this stone has a lush green finish that reflects the natural elements in nature. Jade is a symbol for growth and vitality promoting self-sufficiency. It instills a sense of prosperity and harmony, soothing the mind and releasing stress.

In our fast paced, technological world, crystals can support our minds, bodies, and spirits in a highly effective and healing way. As you choose your stones, you will also begin to awaken your intuition and tap into your higher self as it can guide you into which stone is right for you. Crystal healing is for all ages and stages of life — from children to teens to mid life, to our elders, we can all benefit from raising up our frequency to that of mother earth’s finest stones. 

Enjoy your crystal healing journey.

In her yoga teachings, Mara weaves together her background as a dance artist, her practice in the shamanic tradition, and her twenty years of experience on her mat – naturally what arises is a fluid, earthy, full bodied practice. Currently, Mara hosts international yoga retreats, offers online courses, fuses yoga and corporate leadership to executive teams, teaches professional athletes and artists, mentors yoga teachers and teaches classes/workshops. Mara is a mother of two in Vancouver, BC. Find out more about Mara on her website at

Please note that Halfmoon content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician. 

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