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How to choose a mat for your style of yoga

September 06, 2016

Halfmoon - How to choose a mat for your style of yoga

Do you practice Hatha? Power? Flow? Yin? Hot? A combination of styles? Reflecting on your practice will shed some light on the type of mat that will work best for you.


Although a Hatha practice is usually relaxing and methodical, Hatha yogis have to be prepared for a little bit of everything. Look for a mat with good grip in downward dog, enough cushion to protect your knee in low lunge, and the stability to allow you to grow into a strong, grounded tree.

We recommend our Essential Studio Mat or Practice Mat.


The perfect power yoga mat provides excellent grip, stays in solid contact with the ground as you move, and has cushion that doesn’t interfere with the ability to ground in challenging postures.

Check out the Mighty Mat, or the Practice Mat, or the Travel Mat to complement your power practice.


Flow yoginis need stability as they dance across the mat, flowing from one asana to the next. The perfect flow yoga mat is grounded and won’t stretch or wrinkle during transitions.

The Mighty Mat, the Practice Mat and the Earth Grip Mat are all great choices for the yogini who wants to get her flow on.


Yin yogis can expect to spend a great deal of time in each asana so comfort is key. Cushion bones and joints with a thicker yoga mat (at least 4mm) like our Practice Mat (6mm).


It goes without saying that a hot yogini’s mat has to provide excellent grip, even in the sweatiest of classes.

PVC mats are naturally sticky and are an excellent option but in sweaty situations even PVC can slip. For even more grip from your mat, a yoga towel like the Wet Grip Mat Towel can provide extra absorption.


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