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How to Choose a Meditation Sit Set

March 08, 2019

How to Choose a Meditation Sit Set

Need help getting comfortable in your meditation practice? Consider a meditation sit set! This product combines a supportive buckwheat filled meditation cushion—which comes in a variety of shapes—paired with a zabuton that insulates and cradles your feet and ankles for extra comfort. Now, lets break down the differences between each set we offer and help you choose the best option for your body! 

Round Meditation Cushion + Zabuton 

Round Sit SetThe Round Sit Set combines a classic meditation cushion shape with traditional pleated sides and a matching zabuton. At 5" tall, this set is a great option if you have moderately open to very open hips. This is a great set for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Mod Meditation Cushion + Zabuton

The Mod Sit Set is designed with more height to allow those with tighter hips to relax and soften while meditating at 5.5" in height. The modern lines of this set look great with any home decor. Use this set as a sitting cushion for your guests or as part of a dedicated meditation zone. 

Halfmoon Meditation Cushion + Zabuton

The Halfmoon Sit Set is designed to provide a wider and a more stable base for support during your meditation practice. With the same 5" height as the Round Sit Set, the Halfmoon Sit Set is great for people who like to sit with their ankles tucked in close to their body and have moderate to very open hips. 

Home Meditation Cushion + Zabuton

The Home Sit Set features the widest cushion and offers the most steady and supported base of all. Compared to the Round Sit Set, the Home Sit Set is 6” tall and can support tighter hips by softening and relaxing them during your meditation. With a similar look as the Mod Sit Set, this cushion also looks fantastic with any home decor!

Want to learn more about all the meditation cushions we offer? Check out this handy comparison chart or browse all of our meditation cushions!

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