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Joy-a-Toes: A His and Hers Account

June 04, 2012

Halfmoon - Joy-a-Toes: A His and Hers Account

The first time I noticed my yoga teacher wearing Joy-a-Toes, I thought she just had a pedicure en route to the studio.

Little did I know, these rubbery little tootsie tools are actually designed to realign your soft tissue, open energy channels, stimulate circulation and ultimately relax your feet.

I decided to give them a try and involve my husband in the experiment. When I told him what they were meant to do, he was surprisingly excited about the prospect. “My feet are always aching. Give me a pair of those, I want to see if it helps.” So, the two of us sat on the couch and affixed our new Joy-a-Toes into place. It was an odd bonding moment.

I found the placement process quite uncomfortable, but my man took to it right away.
“Don’t you find it painful?” I asked him as he leaped from the couch to make dinner.
“A little bit, but mainly I feel more alert and grounded,” he replied with a smile.

I was not yet convinced. I looked down at my own webbed feet. I suddenly had a flash of empathy for ducks. No wonder they spent most of their time in water. There was a dull pain emanating up my body and frankly I wanted to rip them out on the spot. But I was committed to giving the Joy-a-Toes a solid effort, so I left them in. Soon I noticed I was walking a bit taller. My posture was pulled back and for some reason, I felt a surge of confidence. The sensation of having my toes firmly planted was definitely calming. That night, as we drifted off to sleep, my husband said his legs felt less achy than usual. I had to admit mine did too.

The next night we put in the Joy-a-Toes again. I could already tell my feet had opened up a bit. While I still had a dull pain, it was clearly making a positive difference to my state of mind. I was more relaxed. As for my husband? By day two he was converted. “Can you get me the next size up in these things? I love them!”

His enthusiasm for Joy-a-Toes has made me want to keep trying this product. There are clear benefits, even if the gains come more naturally for some of us.Joy-a-Toes

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