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The Secret to a Successful Summer Studio

June 28, 2016

Halfmoon - The Secret to a Successful Summer Studio

You know the drill, the sun comes out, the weather gets warmer and suddenly your class size gets smaller. Keeping your yoga studio bustling with life over the summer is a challenge. It’s not that your students don’t love you. They do. They’re just playing outside and taking vacations.

Here are the top five ways to keep your students coming to your classes through the warm and sunny months:

1. Offer incentives
Make coming to yoga worth it even if students plan to be away for part of the summer. Here are a few options:
3 months for the price of 2
Summer passes 30% off
Summer Buddy pass - 2 for 1

2. Experiment with fresh new classes
Look for teachers who are trained in different styles and try out a few. Here are some ideas:
Live Music - add an element of serenity and beauty to class
Acro Yoga - incorporate play into the practice
Yoga Nidra - for deep restoration
Summer Power - for summer fitness buffs

3. Offer one day workshops
Ask local or touring teachers to teach what they know best in a workshop format.
Try morning or evening workshops so students have the middle of the day to get outdoors.
Keep workshops short. The more days that the workshop runs, the more likely it will collide with your students’ busy summer schedules.

4. Offer outdoor classes
Do you have access to an outdoor space? Take your class to the park!
Note of caution: follow local park rules and make sure running a class in a public space is allowed in your area.

5. Encourage your students through your mailing list
Give your students a list of great reasons to come to yoga.
Offer tips on how to keep up their practice during their vacation so that they can come back refreshed and ready to get back to yoga with you.
Advertise your incentives and workshops.

Above all, the secret to a successful studio over the summer is listening to your students. Every studio is different. What works for some may not work for others. Send out a survey to collect your students’ ideas and preferences and give your students the chance to be heard. Then, pay attention to what your students actually do. Which classes are the busiest? What incentives work? Tuning into your students’ tendencies and rhythms could make this your best summer yet.

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