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The Travelling Yogi

June 27, 2019

The Travelling Yogi

As summer and travel plans take hold, it is easy for our regular self-care routines to slip. One of the great things about yoga is you can take it anywhere. Practicing on the go can be just what you need to cultivate presence and find balance during your time away. Here's our list of 5 "must haves" to help you keep up with your self-care no matter where you are headed!

BMat Traveller

B Mat Traveller -With a thinner construction, 2mm, and lightweight design, the B MAT® Traveller is designed for the on-the-go yogi. It easily folds to fit into your suitcase, backpack or overnight bag.There’s no reason to leave it at home!

Mat Carry Strap

The Mat Carry Strap - Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple, this versatile strap fits any yoga mat for easy transporting, no bag required. When you get to class it doubles as a yoga strap. No complicated buckles—just thoughtful, functional design.

Cotton Yoga Blanket Beach Stripe

Cotton Yoga Blanket Beach Stripe - A functional yoga prop that doubles as your outdoor beach blanket. Roll it like a bolster, fold it for seated poses or shoulder stand, and use it as a cozy cover during your favourite festival. This multi-functional striped blanket is handwoven with flat selvage edges, it folds flat and stacks evenly making it the yoga blanket of choice for travel.

Massage Ball Trio

Natural Cork Massage Ball Trio - Perfect for relieving tension as you travel! Massage balls relieve pain, increase circulation and calm your nervous system. Lean into a wall, chair or the floor to create just the right pressure in those hard-to-reach spots. Experiment to find the exact pressure you’re looking for or roll the matching massage balls on either side of your spine for balanced release. 

Joy a Toes

Joy-a-Toes Give your toes some breathing room. At times, travel can call for a lot of walking and go, go, go — use Joy-a-Toes to revitalize your tired, hardworking feet! Made from a soft, comfortable gel, these are the most versatile toe spreaders available. Wear during your practice, or in loose-fitting footwear.


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