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Mala Necklace

Mystic Moon - Labradorite
Relax and Restore - Amethyst Mix

These Mala Necklaces were handcrafted in Bali and blessed in a ceremony known as Pasupati. Pasupati transforms an object to become sacred by blessings that are based on Satyam Siwam Sundaram (Truth, Purity, and Beauty).

Each necklace carries 108 beads. For centuries, the number 108 has had relevance in Hinduism, Buddhism, in yoga and dharma related spiritual practice and is often used during the chanting of mantra.

Mystic Moon
Connect with your deeply rooted intuition to help guide you on your journey.
Labradorite: Magic, serendipity & synchronicity
Chinese Labradorite: provides protection by aligning to spiritual energy
Cloud Quartz: Cleanses, protects and increases auric field
Rudraksha: Calmer mind, body and spirit

Relax + Restore
Breathe in. Breathe out. Tap into your inner healing power.
Tourmaline: Healing, understanding, friendship, love
Amethyst: Sense of peace and inspiration
Lavender Amethyst: brings light, love, inspiration & peace
Rudraksha: Calmer mind, body and spirit


  • Made by artisans in Bali
  • Blessed by a priest in Bali
  • Fairly traded


  • Grade A Gemstones, non-synthetic or dyed
  • 108 beads

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