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Linen Crescent Meditation Cushion

Color: Fig

Make this a Sit Set

Our Crescent Meditation Cushion is designed to help you sit tall with relaxed, happier hips. This crescent shape provides a wide, stable base of support with room to tuck your ankles in close to your body. Those with moderately tight to neutral hips will benefit from the height given by the Crescent Meditation Cushion.

TIP: For the best sitting posture, make sure your knees are lower than your hips.

This product is part of our Halfmoon Premium Linen Collection and is a premium, timeless, and earth-friendly option within our textile lineup. With an elevated, yet artisanal aesthetic, you can invest in this luxurious fabric option in good conscience. The low levels of water used to grow the flax plants in creating these fibers, make it much more earth-friendly than alternative fibers in the market. Bonus: Our linens not only have a soft hand feel and cooling properties but also are biodegradable!


  • Adjustable support for optimal sitting posture

  • Malleable buckwheat fill shapes to any seat

  • Handy carry handle

  • Crescent shape allows room for you to tuck your feet and ankles in towards the body


  • 20" x 11" x 5" (51 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm)

  • 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg)

  • Cover: 100% linen

  • Filling: 100% natural Canadian buckwheat hulls

  • Cushions are filled by volume. Due to the natural differences in buckwheat, weight may vary by 5%

  • Handcrafted just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • Empty the buckwheat filling into a large container

  • Wash the cover in a cold water washer setting, and hang to dry

  • Use a funnel to insert the buckwheat hulls back into the cover (you can even make a funnel by rolling up a piece of paper and inserting it into the opening)

  • Do not bleach


  • There is no inner casing for the whole buckwheat hulls. Unzip your cushion carefully to empty the hulls for cover cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
mackenzie Oneil

Rly supportive for neck, or sitting for seated meditation. Grounding and comfy. I will say if u use for neck its SLIGHTLY scratchy but its not rly its intended use and u can put a soft towel over it/ it doesnt bother me that much and i am sensitive to fabric.

Claire Monnier
Halfmoon Zafu

Excellent postage, very fast indeed! Great quality product!

Jessica L.
Snazzy Zafu

I am really happy with my new Zafu. Who wouldn't love something with a name like Zafu. I love the weight, the colour, the fill (no synthetics!) and it's motivated me to have a more regular meditation practice. It also acts well as a pillow on the couch or for working from home at the coffee table (mix up the desk chair habit!) Thanks for making a great product, Halfmoon!

Super comfy!

Just what I needed! I have tight hips and the zafu makes sitting very comfortable.

Heather C.
Love the Halfmoon zafu!

I have tried out many types of cushions but this is the best one by far. The only one that allows me to sit up straight for long periods of time.