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About Us

Our Roots

In 1983, Halfmoon founder Beth McTavish was walking by the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, when she saw a group of yogis practicing at the water’s edge. She was mesmerized by their intent, their focus, and the stillness of yoga in the midst of noise, chaos, and colour. 

When she returned home, still captivated, she began to practice Iyengar yoga.

Six years later, Beth—a talented creative and, by now, a devoted yogi—began making her own props. A red seat belt became a yoga strap. Rolls of cotton batting turned into sturdy bolsters. 

And just like that, Halfmoon was born.

Our Rise

Our intention today is the same as it was over 30 years ago: To create beautifully designed yoga and meditation goods that hold and comfort you on your mindfulness journey. 

The Halfmoon collection is crafted just outside of Vancouver, BC, and thoughtfully designed for a variety of practices. The wisdom of our experience and the energy of the West Coast are woven into everything we create. Even more importantly, our respect for traditional yogic values—namely truth, compassion, community, and kindness—guides us on our path.

Whether you’re new to yoga and meditation or looking to take an advanced practice to the next level, our mats, cushions, and props are lovingly made to meet you exactly where you are. 

We welcome you to the Halfmoon family. May you, too, find roots in mindfulness so you can rise.