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Gift Guide - Zen Seeker

Zen Seeker

The Zen Seeker knows how to nourish the soul and find balance in a busy world—by turning to meditation and moving inward. The precious time the Zen Seeker carves out to find peace and stillness in their life helps them reset and face the world head on in all its glory. Help your Zen Seeker build their sanctuary so they can be comfortable and inspired to do what they love to do: meditate.

Sit Set - Charcoal Ikat Zabuton + Charcoal Round Zafu

The ultimate setup for comfortable meditation. The cotton batting-filled zabuton cushions ankles, feet and legs while the buckwheat zafu offers stable, distraction-free support.

Woven Layering Scarf - Charcoal Magic

This lightweight layering scarf fits any lifestyle. Perfect for wrapping around the body in meditation or wearing to the your next holiday party.

Mala - Rose Quartz

Repeating a mantra with the assistance of a mala can create focus during meditation. The added benefit of rose quartz, symbols of love a clarity, encourages positivity in meditation.

Meditation Chair

The meditation chair offers extra support, creating space to lean back, relax and let go of distracting tension.

Mod Zafu - Moonstone

With enough height to let the hips release in seated postures, the Mod Zafu is not only functional for meditation but also offers versatility as a sitting cushion around the home.

Crystal Candle Holder - Selenite

Inspire meditation and encourage clarity of the mind with crystal candle holders. Selenite is a symbol of liquid light and is a healing, protective stone that drives away negative energies.

Plush Yoga Blanket - Charcoal Herringbone

The Plush Yoga Blanket is soft and cozy, perfect for staying warm in meditation, supportive when folded as a sitting cushion and ideal for any yoga practice.

Cotton Eye Pillow - Daydream Blush

This eye pillow will take a reclined meditation practice to the next level—providing increased darkness and a calming weight. Available in lavender or unscented.

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