Halfmoon Meditation Cushion + Zabuton

Sit Set Combination

Our 24" Zabuton and Mod Meditation Cushion are a beautiful and comfortable combination for meditation and casual sitting at home.

Our 24" Zabuton is the perfect size and shape to support your seat, legs and feet. This soft platform lifts you off the floor and provides the extra cushioning for the feet and ankles to maintain a comfortable seated position for longer periods of time. When used with our buckwheat filled, mallable, Halfmoon Meditation Cushion, you have set yourself up perfectly for long periods of comforable sitting and meditation.


Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Burnaby

Meditation Cushion:

  • Adjustable support for optimal sitting posture
  • Mallable buckwheat fill shapes to any bottom
  • Handy carry handle
  • Comfortable shape that leaves room to tuck in the feet and ankles

24" Zabuton:
  • Removable cover


Meditation Cushion:

  • 20" x 11" x 5" (51 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm)
  • 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg)
  • 100% linen cover
  • Filled with natural buckwheat hulls
  • Cushions are filled by volume. Due to the natural differences in buckwheat, weight may vary by + or 5%
  • 24" x 30" x 4" (61 cm x 76 cm x 10 cm)
  • 6.8 lbs (3.0 kg)
  • Cover: 100% Linen
  • Inside: cotton batting in unbleached cotton casing

Product Care

  • Meditation Cushion: unzip case and pour hulls into a bag. Cold wash cover, hang to dry, refill.
  • Zabuton: simply remove cover. Cold wash, hang to dry.